5 Interesting Effects of Poor Market Conditions on Escorts

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So let’s see what are the points

In recent years escorts industries have seen a good growth in India. Even despite Indian Prime Minister Modi Ji’s Demonetization and GST policies put a lot of pressure on the market where people especially who were about to start their new ventures put on a halt for a while.

But the effect of demonetization and GST set a reverse impression over Gurgaon escorts industry. Here is showing the sharp surge towards upwards can be noticed in Google trend results at that time.


Demonitization Market Effects


The red line is the time when (demon..) initiated and right after few days we can see the changes that people who are having spare money to spend started to spend their money on call girls in gurgaon and other things which can’t be cover under any taxation.

On 20th Nov 2016, Times of India published an on-line article on ‘No effects on sex industry’ stating that escort industry doesn’t seem to be affected too much by Demon… (Demonetization)



As mentioned in the news that with demonetization; in fact, increased revenue for Call Girls. As with this policy, people faced smaller currency like 100 Rs notes in the country. With this when a client usually pays 300 Rs for 30 Minutes; now happy to pay 500 Rs for the same service.

And this happened right after from this government policy came into action.

For this topic, I have decided to make some Interesting point that comes as effects on the hotel industry.

A Bit of History of Modern Brothels

This was started in India around 400 years (The year 1590) back when Mughal King Akbar showed his love for women dancers. He used to see their dances.

Akbar was having a big group of beautiful dancers in his palace; who use to dance for him.

However, in the time of king Mubarak-ud-Daula of Murshidabad use to saw dance performance in public ceremonies where dancers use to dance but they are also had to keep distance with guests and the viewers.

When the time of British rule; British diplomats also get attracted to these dancers and this is the time when Escort business started in India. British diplomats use to buy the women for a night or for a limited time.

Indian dancer women use to wear tight clothes that attract a lot of attentions. With this, whole India came to know about these dancers and everybody wants to see them.

At that time only rich people use to pay and see the dance of these dancers.

This is the time of 1920 when in Maharashtra there was a proper group of dancers. And also it was the time when modern brothels started.

Soon in competition, various women came into this profession for better future and this made a chaos in the prostitution business.

Now to get good and new market some people made their own groups of these dancers cum prostitutes cum brothel to new cities where people had money but no options for these kinds of entertainments.

Some of the group went to Rajasthan, Lucknow, Kolkatta etc. and become settled there.

After removal of British era, India becomes one nation under one constitution and this made the condition of ‘Nawabs’ not good who spend most of their time to these spots.

With clients shortage, brothel owners start to look for new customers. They started to look on businessmen who use to come to cities like these for businesses and were able to spend money.

This is the time (1945) when the modern business of escorts started in India. Now entertainment finder Indian businessmen start to enjoy the taste of sex in their hotel or guest house rooms.

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5 Interesting Effects of Poor Market Conditions on Indian Escort Industry

Here are the five most interesting effects on this industry are as follow:

Boost in Revenue

Money is always a prime concern for a business to run and function smoothly. If a company has to be in the market it has to compete with others by pouring more money and best policies into the business.

But in hotels industry, it remains unaffected as it is in the base of people’s need and a business can’t vanish from the market if it is fulfilling the people’s needs.

For example; if there is a slump in the market. People stop being the extravagance and focus on their work. And when someone tastes the success! Then obvious he wants to enjoy and want to have a good time. And for that, we move towards good escorts agencies for their services.

And if the market is going well then also some businessmen look towards escorts to celebrate their success.

So either this or that way; industry will have the benefit in both condition of the market (Downfall or Rising Up).

Escort Agencies Came-Out as Hero

Yes, you have heard it right! However, there is not such an Escort Agency in India; Instead of a network of interconnected groups of people who work independently for their bread and butter.

In this time each and every market is showing slow performance due to less investment and market risk of losing business. But in this slow time, Escort Groups A.K.A (Escorts Agencies) do the best they can.

The main chunk of these escort agencies got their business through online. And to rank top in search engines they hire best performer Internet marketers simultaneously. With this, they get constant online queries for the escort service and this retains them in the business.

All of the escort group runners do this kind of practices and one who don’t follow this tact get out the business.

Agencies Hiring The Best Internet Marketing Guys

As we mentioned earlier that smart escort agencies doing the best to get the maximum service request and for this, they are hiring the best ‘SEO expert freelancers’.


Yes, Freelancer! The person who is changing and turning every game in favour of the agencies who are hiring them.

Now what these SEO experts are doing that not only let escort agencies be in the business but dominant the field too. Why good SEO get success most of the time, let’s break it into points

  • As there is not any big pressure on SEO; he uses the new and best SEO practices over website they optimise
  • Using of new/open source technology – Most of the freelancers use open source products to minimise the cost and time to the project like WordPress and Open-source SSLs).
  • No much ‘if and buts’ by the stakeholder – As this is not legal to be a middleman in this business but this is the way escort business run (98% of the time) and for this they are dependent over Internet Marketing Freelancers most of the time and this makes them keep patience which often given the best results with the best freelancer
  • Hiring them at their own cost which is a bigger factor in this deal

However, the above matter is out of topic but was it important so that’s why I mentioned here.

Looking for low budget clients

Yes, there is some effect on Top model escorts or High-class model escort of the market slump as their client’s count became low and this affects escort agencies a bit.

This makes the agencies to look down at low-end customers (Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000) who are continuously looking for these services without any break.

And this kind of regular income makes this business stand-up firmly in the pale market condition.

Gurgaon becoming the ‘hub’ for escorts in India

Indian city Gurugram previously known as ‘Gurgaon’ is known as a cyber city as it houses the biggest brands in the IT and other industries of the world.


As Gurgaon is hosting so many companies which attracting thousands of thousands of people to this city. And when people move this city they bring equal opportunities for locals in terms of more accommodations, hotels, restaurants and other needs.

Also now day’s businessmen or working individual prefer Gurgaon for its hosting in the sex industry. As Gurgaon is developing, it is having lots of affordable short-stay option almost every part of the city.

And when people are staying somewhere they decide to have some fun with that. With this, they call for local escort agency guy to get a good date for an hour or day long.

Along with this Gurgaon become a hub for pubs, bars, and Discotheques which attracts thousands of people from inside and outside of the city as well.

People come here and spend money on drinks, quality meals, and of course ‘SEX’. So escort industry gets the benefit anyhow.  This is also the big reason behind Gurgaon success.



Here I want to conclude that with all possible restriction or policies Escort business is flourishing tremendously especially in cyber hub Gurgaon.

It also concluded that a business that connected with people’s need can never be shut down. This business of ‘Sex’ is thousands of years old. Many dynasties build and vanish many governments ruled the countries but this business is still there. How? Because it is run by the people and for the people and nobody is getting harmed in this business. Most of the above ‘one man’s wish become a way for other’s bread butter’.

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