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Escort Girl Gurgaon Terms of Use

1. Terms

The Main term of this website www.escortgirlgurgaon.com is that once you log-on to our IP / domain / website / web-page you will be complying to the rules of the website and all applicable terms and regulations as well as local law. If you think that you are not complying with any of these terms; you are stopping yourself in using our website. The materials contained in this website are sensitive and for adult only; If you are below 18 years of the age please do exit the website immediately.

2. Use License

  1. No any permission is grantted to copy / make duplicate content of any part of the website with or without any permission of the owner/author
  2. You can’t copy the images
  3. You can’t copy the content and use it else where over the internet
  4. All of the content is DMCA protected so it will be easy for us to take down your website where you have used our original work which including of  (content / images / scripts / design work etc.)
  5. If you or any of your employee copied any part of our work will make you and your employee direct liable in doing this kind of act
  6. If you try to down rank us in any manner will be ready for same from us as we will find your all websites that you own direct or indirect manner will be down rank by us without any notice / without any delay
  7. If you want to stop us in down ranking work against any of your project you will have to clean all the work done against us with proof and send us in mail – rkgmxus@gmail.com

4. Limitations

We at EscortGirlGurgaon or any of our projects are liable for any damage including loss of any data or profit arising our of the use or inability to use the website or its parts / service.

We are an online platform provider and not the actual adult service provider so we are not liable to any of damage to you or your properties occurred due to your deals with any of agency or agent or women who provides you service.


6. Links

We are not responsible for any of the link or content which do not belong to our website but resides on it. So please click on any link with your own wish

So We hope you have gone through or read our website terms of use completely.