Taking A Call Girl Service is Better Then Committing A Rape!

We initially cerebrate that it is better to have a great sex and calm down your nerve system in lieu of cerebrating or doing unethical practices in society.

Doing such thing like ravishing kindred to it can bring total halt to your life so its not a good thing.

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The root cause of ravishment incidents and solutions for it

India is a ravishment capital especially Delhi where around 6 ravishes transpire every single day. someone ever cogitated it why it transpires. We just catch the ravisher and put him in confinement.

Did we (government or convivial bodies) arranged studies and analyzed the cause and factor for the situation of ravishment being take places in India.

I cerebrate some convivial organizations must have had done some survey or studied the issue and observe the reason for the issue.

Let’s Visually perceive What Are The 5 Root Cause For The Ravishment Incidents

  • Poor Nurturing of Kids
  • Poor Edification System
  • Deplorable Society Systems For Women
  • No Trepidation of Law
  • Delayed Equity

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Given above are the best five factors in my opinion and you might be concurred on that somewhere.


Poor Nurturing of Kids

We all are aware that nurturing a kid is as important as investing your hard earned money in a business. Both are similar somewhere

Poor Edification System

India due to less political willpower to revamp our edification system, children are still bound to edify in old schools and from ineligible edifiers.

Edifiers in regime-run schools are mostly untrained and ineligible for the job. But sometimes they are on the job to edify the students.

They edify whatever with their own silly examples which not even included in syllabuses. So impecunious edification system is additionally an immensely colossal cause in rape incidents.

Deplorable Society Rules Against Women

Women are always treated ill when she got molested by the men in villages. A group of Panchs who are headed by a sarpanch always endeavors to close the matter if they cerebrate that it will harm the reputation of their village or area.

A culprit should be treated as per law and he shouldn’t get any chance to commit another rape.So deplorable societies are withal an astronomically immense concern for it.

No Trepidation of Law

Many of people living in villages of India are intrepid and they utilize their political connection to pressure anyone. And due to an overdose of puissance, they forgot to revere the police or law.

Delayed Equity

If someone commits a rape and it’s very facile for him to get out of that situation if he is having a vigorous financial and political background.

In India every year people file 2 crores fresh cases and due to extreme pressure on Indian judges; failed to provide equity to irreprehensible.

  1. Legalize brothel system in Indi
  2. Call girls accommodation should be taken by the society with open mind
  3. Escorts can withal be hired for facile
  4. Sex edification should be given to students
  5. There should be habitat centers in each city
  6. Each City should have a women care center
  1. Stop employing non-qualified edifiers
  2. Stop kids to misconduct with females especially Girls
  3. Don’t let kids transgressed the rules
  4. Never let your kid alone for a long time; include him in some activities

So the conclusion is that keeping 5 Root Cause For The Ravishment Incidents in mind our regimes should initiate more and more concrete studies to safeguard the societies. so that each girl or women fell safe in this society..