How to Spies-up Your Life

If you are a man and above 35 years of age; might find yourself living a “spice-less life” (a life without fun sex life).

In this article we will discuss few points that how you can live a healthy sex life.

First of all to find out the solution or cure of an issue let’s find out the reasons behind the issue which give birth to it.

Ok! what we will do that we talk about the solutions we will get out of the questions it self.

  • No exercise at all (I mean not even picking up a spoon) – If you are above 30 and you do nothing for your body than you are in great danger because you must heard that someone lost his life while at home or work bench. All this happen because of not moving or doing exercise your body.  You have to have sweat your body at least one time in a day. This will not only will boost your immune system but will also make your mood fresh and you will feel like a fresh till evening and that will help you make your mood for ‘SEX’
  • Consuming of Junk Food – There is nowadays a food culture of having Pizza and Burgers in our regular diet plan. This is second most wrong thing we do with our body. If it is a office party or outing with family or friends; we always choose or having an option to have Pizza, Burgers, Pasta, Lazzania or fried chicken and on and on; we definitely will consume it. And that hot meal with a opposite cold drink like Coke, bottled juice Beer etc. which further not let the meal in your stomach get digested. The final result is upset stomach which will make your mood again upset and ruin your sleeping and sex life.
  • Excess use of mobile Devices – We all know that mobile devices works on radio waves and those waves are harming us. But addiction of what others are doing in their personal as well as social life we always stick with our mobile devices which is now ‘Baking your Eggs right off. This means it kills your sperms when you just put it into your pent only. Radio waves directly effect your sperm and make them weak. That’s somehow make your mood lesser towards a good sex.
  • Laziness – This is also one of the main factor in your ruined sex life the ‘Laziness’ It means when you show your laziness towards being ready for a party or any social activity. You don’t want even dress-up and go for grocery store. This also is a good sign that you are having poor sex life.

This are the given points which are making people’s life hell and not letting them out of the grip of this devil.

Benefits once you get out of these trapping things:

  1. You will feel more energetic in life
  2. your life will be more aimful
  3. Your will have more things to do rather then sitting in-front of a laptop or mobile
  4. Your partner will be attracted to you it means less issues
  5. Healthy body healthy mind
  6. Most of the above Attraction for ‘SEX’



So the conclusion is that if you find yourself in any of the situation we have mentioned above then you must having a not so good sex life. So we just want that you must follow our tips that hidden into the points we have mentioned to get a optimum life.