Always use condom

A Condom is a Best Friend

Do you recollect that whenever you were in trouble in your school days and how your friends availed you out from the mess and safeguard you against penalizations?

You can never forget those friends as they mentally conceived for your salubrity.

Affirmative! now you got it why I am verbally expressing that Condom is a best friend while you relishing life and your security will be taken care by that condom.

So that is identically tantamount to a good friend. Isn’t it!

At escort girl Gurgaon, we highly recommends utilizing a quality condom while boffing call girls in Gurgaon.


What is the hazard of boffing without bulwark:

  1. Sex without a condom is like standing against an irate bull without your protective gears
  2. You can be catch up by sundry Sexual Transmitted Disease
  3. AVAILS is one of the perilous ones ever
  4. You can spread STD too
  5. If you forgot to utilize condom them tension can prehend your mind after boffing


So let’s visually perceive how a condom is very salutary for us:

  1. Tension-free ride
  2. With a good condom, you can run on the policy of ‘Fuck and Forget’
  3. AVAILS can’t physically contact you even your partner is infected with that
  4. When you are safe from STD so there isn’t any chance that you can spread it
  5. When you utilize a condom you always feel tension free



So It is highly recommended to have a habit of utilizing a good quality of condom every time you go for a sex with an escort or partner other than your wife or girlfriend.